Wednesday, March 31, 2010

THUNDER VOLLEYBALL CLUB ... "oh you girls are much too much!"

Recently we were fortunate enough to have received a call from a good friend Vickey Williams, whom I use to work with at the San Francisco 9-1-1 Center.  I was ecstatic not only to have her contact us for photography services but I was excited to see how Facebook, a fabulous Social Networking tool has come through for us and our business!

Vickey heads many sporting teams as the Director, and I know first hand her love for this work, especially because this allowed her to spend quality time with both of her beautiful daughters and her fantastic husband Thomas.  She had seen many of our shoots which I share on Facebook, and she contacted me about shooting her Thunder Volleyball Team.  We chatted a little and I was happy to hear that she loved our STYLE.  She wanted to give it a go with YStudio and we were there to oblige!

My husband and I showed up at the 9th Street Park in Benicia, Ca., we were not sure exactly what to expect, but thanks to Vick she helped figure out a sort of numbering system, because this was my first and I knew soon we would be in the presence of over 50 girls, I was grateful!

It was windy and super cold, and I just have to rave about these gals!  Now I see why they call them the Thunder Gals!  They truly are the sweetest, most energetic bunch we have worked with in a long time, just a bunch of mindful, thoughtful, creative and cooperative girls who wanted exactly what we wanted, GREAT photos!

Hats off to Vickey Williams, the coaches and the parents of the Thunder Volleyball Team of Vallejo, California, I cannot wait to share the photos with them all!  Here is a  SNEAK PREVIEW!!