Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok girls the HEAT is ON!!!!!!!!!!

And here is the BONUS GIFT! I know I said I would keep it a surprise, but I just couldn't hold it any longer!  It's a cool photo key chain like the one seen here!  Now remember, you have to complete ALL THREE STEPS in order to receive your gift.  This key chain is valued at 9.99 so come on!!

Here's HOW to get your gift:

  1. Become a member of our Facebook YStudio Photography Fan Club (see the link on the right)
  2. Visit our blog and "Leave a Comment"
  3.  Place your order your Thunder Volleyball Photos ($29.99 minimum order)
Don't forget you will need your password once you enter the Client section at in order to  view and purchase your photo packages.  If you forgot the password, send us an email or ask Vickey.......

Alrighty girls, have fun, and I hope you ALL get a key chain, they are pretty neat!