Monday, June 7, 2010

BBW Brides....from one big gal to another.........

I had a great phone conversation today with  friend and colleague, Robert Valdes, HD Wedding Videographer, and I shared about my passion and strengths in working with the more abundant bride.  I am not here to knock down photographers or videographers about how they approach the larger more lovelier bride, I just want to share on how I approach this situation.

Being a larger woman myself, I have always panicked at the thought of seeing myself in  photographs, not to mention video, after all the camera does add a few pounds and inches.  And to make things worse, depending on the angle of the camera, the posing and the  lighting, the larger bride can be devastated the day she's presented with her wedding photos.  A day that should be filled with beauty, ravishing smiles, laughter, tears of joy, can end in a flash, the moment she sees herself in an unexpected and unflattering manner. is up to us as your photographers to see the beauty and capture it!

Think of it this way, a little girl starts planning her wedding early on, playing with her Barbies is where it all begins, she becomes ONE with that barbie doll, she dresses her and then introduces her to Ken and VOILA! It's time for a wedding!  So, you see, not only do I approach photographing her as if I were photographing myself, I approach her wedding day with the tender loving care and memories of her childhood.  The day is finally here, and you better believe it, I am going to bust my butt to get her the images to match that lifelong childhood wishes and dreams!

If one cannot see the beauty in each of their clients, how well will those images tell the story of their lifelong dream?  If you want to make an impact when photographing   BBW's or your larger male clients, meet with them talk to them about their camera concerns if they have any.  If they do not mention it, don't just walk away with a signed contract and do nothing! DO MORE! Work harder to position your subjects in flattering light, angles and positions.  After all, they are hiring you because they LOVE your work, show them some LOVE and don't just point and shoot.  Pay attention to the dress, the arms, the shoulders, the tummy, and make sure if your client has a double chin to do everything you can to camouflage or decorate.  If when meeting with a larger bride, she reveals she is going sleeveless, keep that in mind and plan accordingly, alert your assistants and give them advice of the best angles to capture her or the groom.

I have had many opportunities to work with plus size brides, and I LOVE it!  It's keeps me on my toes, and honestly, it really makes me think that I should have this attitude with ALL of my brides, but in reality, from one big gal to another, she's going to get just a little more from me!

I would like to thank Natalie Jamaca, a fabulous bride and client I had the pleasure of working with.  She left us a fabulous review on Yelp and mentioned her concerns in the review...please read why she gave YStudio Photography a 5 star review!

Some love also goes out to Raquel Ganda-Rothenbeuscher, and Kate Boyer.

Please feel free to show some love here in our comments section.  And if you are interested in learning more about approaching the plus sized beauties with your camera, I am available for one on one mentor sessions or I can answer any of your questions here on the blog.

Top Photos:  Kate & Brian (San Francisco Trash the Dress Session), and Raquel with  a couple of her bridesmaids getting her into the dress, San Mateo Marriott, San Mateo, Ca
Bottom Photos:  Kenneth & Natalie Jamaca wedding, a formal and a not so formal pre-ceremony.  What a    FUN wedding this was! Purple Orchid Resort & Spa, Livermore, CA

Song:  Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie