Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips for your BEST Wedding Photos!

 Many brides can become "overwhelmed" when planning for that BIG day, there is so much to do and in what seems to be so little time.  One of the most important things of this day, I feel is photography.  Keep in mind that besides your wedding bands, your photos are the very first heirlooms of your union and new families and these are to be cherished for many generations to come.

It's very easy to give priority to your "guests" and what I mean by this is that sometimes we focus on making sure we choose the right venue, the most beautiful gown, the greatest looking and tasting cake, the most expensive flowers, etc.  Before you know it, you can easily be well over your budget.  These things are important, don't get me wrong, however, when the guests leave the venue, the remnants of the cake are stored away, your gown goes in for preservation, the gifts either get returned or exchanged, what's left?  Your memories! Exactly!

Many of you will hire photographers and videographers, and you may simply choose your photographer for the "price" of their packages, and whether or not they hand over a photo CD, etc.  Don't get caught up in this, first of all, NEVER choose your photographer for "the package!"  Choose your photographer because you LOVE their work, and because you LOVE how they make you feel about your wedding.  Listen to them, shop around, see who has your best interest at heart and NOT who is willing to offer you a package that will get you hooked.  Get hooked with them, get to know them, ask questions, and by all means make sure that they offer Engagement Sessions.  Don't skimp on your everlasting memories, you do not want your wedding photos sitting in a box under your bed because you are embarrassed how poorly your big day was captured.  After all, what's left are your memories, give them the TLC and priority you so deserve!

More tips on how to hire a wedding photographer  and Here are some GREAT photography tips for brides......Cheers and may you all live happily ever after!