Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not just photographers...we document LIFE!

What is the FIRST thing you think of when someone calls or inquires about your photography services?  Do you immediately think about the budget, the amount of money you can make, or do you stop, and relish about the importance of this call?  If you have a photography business, and if you simply stay focused on the business elements, you can easily sway from what is really important, your clients.

I know you have heard this time and time again, and I know you have bills to pay and things to get done as far as your marketing, orders,etc, but if you stop for one second and focus on the "WHY" that client called you, you would redirect all of that energy right back towards the client.  Isn't this why you started a photography business?

Last year I received a call from Yolanda, a good friend of mine who bakes cakes from her home, she mainly works with brides on budgets and she called to see if I could help a couple in "need!"  She told me about Michele and Duke who had hired her to make their wedding cake.  She explained that although the budget was limited, they had a special story, and I immediately knew I wanted to help!  You see, Michele & Duke wanted to get married the following year, however they had to push up the date as Michele's dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The wedding took place at San Pablo Ca's Rockefeller Lodge and it was great to meet Michele's dad, he was such a boastful and cheerful guy with a loud and wonderful laugh.  He wore a hat that was so cool and he was overjoyed when he saw his daughter in her wedding gown!  This was a beautiful ceremony and celebration with many friends and family, they shared the traditions of The Tonganese as well as  wonderful heartfelt toast speeches, cheers and dancing!  It was an amazing evening and although  it rained and we had to switch gears,  none of this put a damper on THIS celebration!  More than anything, I was touched at being able to contribute and  I have no doubt that working with Michele & Duke's budget was not an issue, but documenting this day WAS! Michele and Duke released butterflies after their ceremony and I just happened to be right next to them with a butterfly that would not leave their side.  See here....

Michele & Duke you guys were amazing to work with, I am so honored that you entrusted us with this very special day and to allow us to provide these memories for you and your family.  I look forward to hearing from you and seeing where life's road takes you and your family.  Thank you for touching my life as well!

I would like to share a letter that Michele sent me a few days ago, I was so touched, I just had to share and Michele said she would be honored!

(Letter from Michele)

Hi Barbara,

It's Michele Melton Pahulu, you photographed my wedding last year on May 1st. I don't know if you remember but my dad had cancer at the wedding and unfortunately we lost him last July only a couple months after the wedding.  The pictures you took at the wedding were the last family pictures that we have together. I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together such an affordable package for us. I feel very lucky having met you when I did. Because of you we have wonderful family pictures that I will cherish forever. Thank you.
Michele Melton Pahulu