Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are under construction!

After a long wait of almost 4 months of no help from BluDomain, my previous host, we are finally underway to get things done and build my new site!  I normally do not like to blast negatively on my blog and forgive me if I am coming across that way.  But in all honesty, BluDomain has made my life impossible for the past few months! 

I simply requested to transfer domain as I found a new host and a new site for YStudio.  While, I will not mention any names but she knows who she is at BluDomain, made this near impossible for me, for months!  I finally got tired of it and decided to get busy and I did everything in my power, including threatening to contact my attorney.

Finally after almost 4 months, she released my illegally harbored domain, but now we need to wait until she approves the final phase.  If there is anything I learned from this entire experience is, when purchasing a domain, make sure you are purchasing it through a company that will list YOU as the registrar and domain owner, otherwise YOU will have no access or authorization to do anything!  Your hands like mine, will be tied.

Yes BluDomain offers quick, easy and beautful flash solutions for your site, but they also offer the WORSE customer service on the face of this planet.  I will NEVER recommend them, as a matter of fact I will discourage anyone and everyone who asks me NOT to go with them.  I am sorry for BluDomain and their loss in business due to their inability to offer sites that are SEO friendly, but that is why they need to develop a medium to benefit their clients, if you sit and wait, nothing happens.  I refused to sit and wait and I am going forward.  No more Ms. Nice gal for me, not when it comes to offering the best to my business and my clients like YOU!.

In the meantime, I am celebrating the crossover to a SEO friendly site, with yummier eye candy and quick solutions for my business.  I want to take this time to thank Kim Townsend of Kimtown who has been NOTHING but elegant, professional, inspirational and encouraging.  I look forward with great anticipation to the NEW & much improved YStudio Photography site!

I would also like to thank an amazing friend, and now business associate, Mimi Renfro-Rodrgiuez of Creative Designs by Mimi who has supported encouraged me and created a beautiful enhancement to our logo. Mimi is a creative and super talented Wedding Invitation and event stationery artist!  She's truly amazing and I am so happy that she's also an integral part of YStudio!  Wait til you she what she's cooking for us! 

Another special thank you goes to Robert Valdes of Robert Valdes Photography who has also supported and educated me on this entire process....initially I had contacted Robert to work with me on my site, however, timing was not good for either of us.

Once again, thank you all for your patience while the development of the site moves along, please come back and see us again SOON!!!