Monday, December 1, 2008

Our BLOG....IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well good morning everybody...just 11 days to go for our First Wedding Anniversary!!
And.........This is the day that I finally start our blog! Besides the fact, I can't sleep, so, what better time to do this? So much to say and so little time, but we are excited to be officially blogged, and we look forward to your posts and/or comments.

We want to wish you and yours a Happy Holidays and a Happy and prosperous 2009!!!!! Let's go out with a BANG! Hopefully my hubby gets me the Canon 5D Mark II, I am salivating as much as he is for his Nikon D700! LOL! Santa Daddy!!!

And in the spirit of the Everyday Holiday here are some Free goodies FOR YOU from, download their "Dreamy Photo" PS plug-in, FUN!

Make sure you also check out Matt's Lightroom Killer Tips, he has a multitude ofF R E E, yes I said FREE presets, including the fabulous Matt's "300" Look! Go get it and more at, tell Matt I sent ya.....;o)

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