Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh boy oh JOY!

We want to congratulate Joy who is the winner of our Spring Portraiture Giveaway, she was chosen to share her family and current pregnancy with the world. When I first notified Joy, it seemed her name was absolutely perfect for her, boy was she joyful! In speaking with Joy and getting to know a little bit about her, her husband how they met and their new forming family, I learned that they lived on San Francisco's Treasure Island in 2001 and how special it was to the couple. THIS information was like music to my ears and it was the birth of my canvas...I immediately envisioned Joy on top of the rocks with a fiery sunset, I told her about it and she thought it sounded like fun. Equipment used: Nikon D200 60m f2.8, Nikon SB800 and Canon 5d Mark II 70-200mm f2.8L lens and Canon 580EX II on and off camera strobes, as well as a Z-Ray Spotlight.

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