Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Never say NEVER!

How many times have we as photographers set up so many parameters for a shoot, we have a vision, we have a plan, we have A MODEL and then it all goes south because of the weather?  This is exactly what happened to us last week.

I had gone through some lengths to get the right model, the right idea, and then as we were getting ready to do a kool outdoor urban fashion shoot, it began to rain, no wait, I am lying, it began to pour!  It broke my heart because here it was Friday, I had planned for weeks, our gear was packed and ready to go, my model had three outfits ready.  I called our model Myrna and I could hear nothing but silence as I told her the shoot would have to be postponed.  And of course, without a functioning photo studio, I felt it was my responsibility to make this happen!  I immediately told Myrna that I had an idea and that I would call her right back!

So...I called my good friend and cake queen, Yolanda (of Yo-Yo's Cakes), and asked her if she had any ideas of cool looking spots in our area.  She mentioned this one place that recently opened near El Cerrito, a place called The Boiler House and Craneway Pavillion in Point Richmond, California.  Yolanda had raved about this place as she had been there for a company party and so I was curious!  I went to my source, Yelp.com, and looked it up and what I saw was a yummy looking industrial space with awesome lighting, it was definitely worth a shot to call and ask the manager if we would be welcomed to come and shoot there.
I called and spoke to Rob Nachtwey who manages the place, and can you believe it?  He said "come on down!"  I called Myrna and she was excited as we were and she began to make her journey to our side of the San Francisco Bay.  The place was too cool, my husband and I were excited and as was my son Angelo (our wonderful gear and  lighting assistant), and we were indeed welcomed.

I have to add that our model Myrna ROCKED this shoot, not only did she bring some adorable outfits, she brought a great attitude and she did a great job with her own posing ideas....but she also earned major kudos as there were folks all over the bar, and people having dinner as my hubby, my son and I did our thing and shot all over the place.  We were interrupted a couple of times by on lookers who wanted our business cards, or perhaps that was an excuse to get a closer look at Myrna?   Whatever the cause it was FUN for everyone, even the on lookers.

Rob asked if we were available to photograph a couple events in the coming days and we said YES!  So .... we photographed their San Francisco Chocolate & Beer Festival as well as their XLIV Superbowl Party!  The C&B Festival turned out to be a great shoot and we got hired by one of  the bands who performed at the event, as they loved the photography we captured of their act.  By the way what a small world, the guy who hired us for a July gig they have, Dave Bailey of the Juke Joint Band,  just so happens to be the son of our next door neighbor...talk about "meant to be!"

Ok that's enough chit chatting, here are a few photos from this shoot, ENJOY!!

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