Saturday, April 24, 2010

Treasure Island Photo Shoot with Phuong My & LaNisa

Well once again, we have come across and met with a FABULOUS Designer, she is young, talented and quite wicked with her designs!  I am saying that in the BEST sense!

I ran into Phuong My, saw her work, and knew instantly, I MUST work with her, she's young and has quite a story, I am sure you will all be hearing about her soon, and I have got to say she definitely has a NEW Fashion attitude for San Francisco!  Fashion weeks are among us and she's keeping stay tuned!

As a photographer my goal is to work with our clients to make sure their vision is captured, yes through our lens, but one of the very important things within fashion is to stay focused on what you are shooting and why.  Yes we had fun on this shoot and we always like to go outside of the box per se, however, we NEVER lose sight of why we are there...we are there for our clients.

When it comes to fashion editorial shooting one can be a little more risque, however, ALWAYS get the shot of the garment in every possible angle, in the right lighting and with little or NO distracting backdrops or textures.  One has to constantly think of color and lighting schemes or it can all go downhill.  In this case we were shooting again around noon time, possibly the WORSE time to shoot, but lately it has been my favorite because it pushes me to THINK THINK FOCUS AND SHOOT!  We are creating the look with controlling the lighting, and keeping a tight grip of our technical management as well as time management.

This shoot for instance was super sunny but freezing cold as we were shooting in San Francisco's Treasure Island, being close to the SF Bay has it downfalls, wind and cold!  I feel sorry for the models, they are usually thin and well even a large gal like me can get cold, so can you imagine?  When wind is involved one has to think of loose hairs, garments movements, equipment falling over, very expensive equipment!  When cold is involved one has to work fast as the models can easily lose it during the shoot, and we can't have that.  Also controlling, re-directing, and bouncing light in a manner that does not change your color temperatures, etc.

Overall the challenge is quite a thrill and the results are.....well see for yourself!  Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments, WE LOVE and welcome you all!  Have a great weekend!

Fashion Designer:  Phuong My Tran
Hair/Make up  YalunXi
Model:  LaNisa Buena Vista
Photographers:  Me and hubby


  1. Great job! I want a Ducati!!!

  2. you put up the photos I did like ! very Kool

  3. Thank you folks, we love what we do and we love when you stop by to say hello.....Cheers!

  4. Those are some really cool photos there!

  5. Thanks this was a really fun shoot! Right across from Philippe's studio on TI. We need to do a shoot together already!


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