Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A shift in thinking.... Help Portrait & Voices of Haiti

Recently we had the honor of  hearing Jeremy Cowart speak, not only a fine and talented photographer, not only a man with a vision, not only a man with an amazing soul, but a man willing to do and reach hundreds if not thousands of people with a brilliant and heartfelt and RAW idea!  You don't have to be a photographer, see here how YOU can get involved and make a difference.

Help Portrait, will change how you see what can be done in the photography field that above being art, it is human, beautiful, and should make us all shift our thinking.  Please visit the site, and get ready to make a move......this is easily something YOU can get involved in and make a difference in the lives of so many!

Voices of Haiti is ANOTHER beautiful thing that Jeremy has done, definitely a deep, beautiful part of his legacy.  And even if you are not a photographer, get involved if you can, this is such a blessing!
 Amen amen to people like Jeremy, you truly are an inspiration and a messenger from above!

Thank you !!

Photo Courtesy:  Escalate LIVE

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