Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Engagement Photographs with a TWIST!

When you think about  engagement photography sessions, most people think of a couple sitting in a park, kissing, gazing at each other and holding hands.  Don't get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with these things, IF that is what identifies you as a couple.

Take for instance, if you are  a couple whom are avid book readers, met in school, and were engaged right after graduation!  Well....then perhaps you would like to consider the college campus where you met, and where the story actually began.  Now, take it another step further....what is it that you and your fiance really like.  Maybe you are both rock n' roll fans, or musicians, perhaps you are race car drivers or even photographers yourselves.  THAT is when you start to plan a setting for your shoot.  After all, capturing who you both are during these particular years is important and will be cherished for many generations to come.

So if you don't care much about keeping a journal, keep in mind, photographs are a journal they are a journal of your past, present, and yes future.  Why not record these moments and allow this heirloom into your families?  Wedding and engagement photography alike, does not need to be a "mold" for all of you, break that cookie cutter and be YOU, after all that is who you are and it is who your fiance fell in love with.

If you have no idea "where" to begin, speak to your wedding photographer and ask about styling, hair and make up artists, they can help style the shoot for you and although you may think it does not feel natural, trust me, it will be.  Just be you, live it up and watch what happens!

Congrats on your engagement and CHEERS!!!

All Photos for this shoot c. 2010 YStudio Photography (shot for Palo Dobrick of Chicago)
Hair/Makeup by:  ANGELA - AMS BooMBoX
Wardrobe/Stylist:  Nima Shiraz 
Model:  Natasha  
Model:  Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen


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  2. Thanks Natasha, you look fabulous here don't you!?

  3. wow! what a cool session! thank you for the link! :) you guys totally rocked it out! :)

  4. Gracias Rosaura, looking forward to scouting spots with ya in the Presidio it's totally WOW!


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