Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day After Bridal Portraits..and why you should consider them

Nowadays, brides are starting to do the "unconventional" when it comes to their own weddings.  Often she will tailor her big day with an array of personal details, places and people that will help mark this day as "hers!"  As should be!

Thank goodness for this type of thinking, as a photographer it really helps me and this is why  I love to  talk to my clients about booking an Engagement Session.  The engagement session is in no way shape or form for me, truthfully it is for her!  These type of sessions do benefit me however as it allows me to spend more time with the happy couple.  I love learning more about how they met, how they became engaged and it is a great way for us all to get to know each other before their wedding day.

Another thing to mention about these sessions, it allows for the bride and her fiance to see themselves from the photographer's perspective.  It can be as beautiful and creative as you'd like, but if it's not personal, those images no matter how gorgeous will say nothing to the couple and worse, will say nothing "about" the couple.

Other ideas for brides to consider are "Day After" or Trash the Dress Sessions.  This is something many contemporary brides are doing.  If you are asking why, why not? It's FUN!  And it's hassle-free, just think of it, no guests waiting at a reception, no worries whatsoever!  THIS alone allows for relaxed and natural portraits.  Remember, among your first heirlooms,  these portraits are designed to be framed and displayed in your home as  well as becoming part of  beautiful photo albums or coffee table books for all to see.

And finally, on the day of your wedding, you should be enjoying your day, your guests and the memories it will provide for future generations.  As a photographer, I know that my clients choose me because they love the way our images depict the day.  Don't get me wrong, portraits and formals should always be done on the wedding day, however depending on how organized your day is sometimes the schedule simply won't allow for those dreamy portraits, that's why you should consider a Day After Bridal Portrait session OR Trash that Dress with your new hubby.....these shoots are designed with one thing in mind....YOU!

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