Friday, August 13, 2010

What on earth to do with wedding photos!?

Ok so here you are, your wedding photographer has done their job, and now you are wondering what to do with all of the photos?  Well, if you are dealing with a professional photographer, why not ask him or her? I am sure they will have a solution to your problem.  Nowadays, there are dozens of options and there are several price variations as well.

A photographer's job is NOT over after the shoot and if a  photographer hands over the photo CD not only is their job NOT DONE, but it also creates an overwhelming   situation for the you as a client!  Nowadays most professional wedding photographers will NOT hand over the full size negatives, and I see it as a blessing  because what on earth will you do with over 1,000 photos!? And one has to acknowledge that sales is a keyword in photography studios nowadays, everyone knows it.  I have no problem giving my clients the lo-res files (for email and Facebook, etc.), but I would not be doing my job if I leave it up to my clients to print albums, photos etc.  Besides, can you really compare Walgreens and Costco to Pictage, GraphiStudio, WHCC, and others?  Clients understand that integrity in this business is crucial and that a photographer's work should be represented properly.  If a photographer does not care about his or her work, why will you as a client?

It is important for you to have your photos and it is important that no one makes you feel as if your photos are being held for ransom, however, remember you not only hired a photographer, you hired an artist.  You hired a specialist in this field and that person will observe and capture your wedding in a artistic, and journalistic way.  You have hired them to "create" and that is what they will do.  If anyone knows what to do with your collection or the studio favorites, it's them!

So, whether you order ALL proofs, or whether you order an album, trust them to guide you in the right direction, they have many options for you as far as albums, I myself LOVE my publishers because they offer me a simplified work flow and provide me with amazing flush mount albums, regular albums, thank you cards, DVD slide shows, and more! There are many different ways to display, preserve, and enjoy your photographs, remember, they are your lifelong memories, make them count and ask your photographer!

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