Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Mexico Trip

Hello everyone! We are back from Mexico! We have to say that we had a superb time and although it's always great to be back home, we were dreading getting off the ship! What fun! This was Wayne's FIRST cruise and he was just overwhelmed with the elegance, the finesse and the casual settings all over the ship. Our first stop was Cabo San Lucas, although cute and thank goodness a short port of call, it was not our favorite. We then left in the evening for Mazatlan. We arrived in Mazatlan the next morning and it seemed to have more progress than Cabo. Mazatlan reminded me of Cuba, with a resembling Malecón (Boardwalk), along the water, nice hotels, and restaurants and much better street pavements. The people are nice but the vendors on the street and on the beach can be challenging, so if you go, be ready! We returned to our ship after having a nice seafood dinner along the water at a place called La Puntilla, meanings The Point. Before sunset we were off to Puerto Vallarta. We arrived in Puerto Vallarta the very next morning and I could not believe my eyes! Across from where we docked, a HUGE Walmart, and a huge Shopping Mall!!! This place was gorgeous! After being swindled by the taxi and tour guides, we decided it was cheaper to rent a car, so we did!!!! We drove everywhere and even left Puerto say the least, THIS was our favorite spot! We swam on the beach, ate good, walked around the Malecón (one there too), the shops and the breath taking Cathedral of Guadalupe. I will let the photos speak for themselves, we are still beat from the trip so and have lots to get caught up with ... enjoy the photos! Oh, and guess what? We met a family on board, whose daughter's beauty made us stare, we mentioned how photogenic she looked and her mother then said "I need a portfolio for my daughter!", and hired us on the spot! Good thing about this, we got to do what we love and more we met some great new friends we will most definitely stay in touch with. VIVA MEJICO!!

PS The last photo was a view from our balcony suite on the ship.....whewwwwww!

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