Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jacqueline & Christofer "LOVE is in the air!"

Congratulations to Jackie and Christofer...yes that is how he spells it, they are tying the knot on Sunday, March 1st and we are thrilled that they chose Weddings 9-1-1 to document this very special day. Our clients come first so it is very important to encourage couples to engage in an e-session. I love getting to know my clients, learn how they met, where and how the proposal took place as it helps me to produce and deliver an intimate portraiture, after all it's all about the clients! We see weddings through our clients eyes, and capture what already exists. Jackie and Chris chose to shoot on location of their actual marriage proposal, Rockaway Beach, CA. One of the major benefits from choosing to go forth with an Engagement session, or as we say E-sessions, it allows for us to get to know each other, feel comfortable with each and this is what makes a shoot unique.....We engage in conversation and try to allow the couple interact while my hubby and I snap the photos. It truly is successful as Jackie commented on how much she loved their candids, because they felt real. Another benefit is that the couple can see how they interact through imagery and they can pick their favorite angles, and their not-so-favorite angles and/or poses. In the end this helps out immensely as we also get to see our clients best features and we bring it on....on the wedding day! Enjoy the photos.....and have a great week everybody! Jackie and Chris's weddings photos to follow in a few short weeks!

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