Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Life to the Rosales Family

We were fortunate enough to meet and photograph Gigi, her daughter Rosey and her son, Jayden, a wonderful family from San Francisco. We decided to shoot at Baker Beach after learning about their lifestyle, hobbies and interests, and they had a new addition to the family, Morena, a beautiful little Black Retriever Labrador. Morena means brown one but also dark one. It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco, and for starters, the beach was PACKED! So besides having to be very aware of composition and aperture, we were also struck by an overwhelming amount of, it was all about light, and placement. I also brought some seaside props, left over from our own beach themed wedding, and those worked like a charm as I wanted to engage Jayden. The shoot went well, we had quite a workout on the sand and then it got COLD! A few things that helped us on this shoot, good battery power for fill flash, our 36 in. reflector, and of course our powerful and mighty Z-ray spotlight, and alas a lightsphere wasn' t needed since there weren't any walls to cast those ugly shadows. We also made a list of some ideas for posing, and this ALWAYS saves time. Here's a family starting out the new year on a big cheerful positive note...and boy do they deserve it!

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