Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Something about MARY!"

We are so excited we could hardly stand it! I received a call last week from Theresa Reynolds, one of our friends whose daughter we photographed along with a few other runway models, in our FIRST Trash the Prom Dress photo shoot. We're happy to report that Mary, the beautiful blond you see here, has just signed with The Ford Modeling Agency! Great news for all of us since mom told me YStudio Photography were her favorite photos!
We'll have to keep you posted once we have another shoot, because, as you can see, there is SOMETHING SPECIAL about Mary!

Congratulations Mary and a special hug goes out to Theresa for all of her hard work, dedication and for being one of the Bay Area's Best Makeup, Airbrush, and Hair Artists! Visit Theresa's site here:

Stay tuned everybody! It IS going to get better......

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