Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year everybody!

I am so sorry, but we have been so busy. It's not easy juggling a full time job, and trying to run and manage Weddings 9-1-1 AND The YStudio Photography business, but boy are we blessed and grateful! We just finished the last wedding of 2009 this past week, and now we can take a deep breath!!!

We would like to thank all of the happy beautiful couples that made this year a success for us, we look forward to keeping in touch with them all and we look forward to news of new babies arriving...wink wink....

Congratulations to all of our couples of 2009:

Christopher & Jacqueline Bucini, Duke & Michelle Pahulu, Kenneth & Natalie Jamaca, Alfredo & Jacqueline Chavez, Robert & Raquel Rothenbeuscher, Jose & Lucia Vega, Michael & Theresa Burk, Nick & Elisha Cortez, Chris & Amanda Dunne, and John & Amber Schultz! You were ALL a blast to work with!

We would also like to thank all of our clients this year for other celebrations we captured:

Teresa Reynolds, Make-up Artist, Wells Fargo Bank, NA., The Richmond/El Cerrito Fire Department, Merry Jones, Emani Lewis, Safia Umar, Anabel Gomes, The Valley View Bible Church, Michael Esterline, The Jenny Brady Family, Susan Frazier, The Manaleo Organization and Napa Aloha Festival, The Rouse Family, Alyssa Martinez & Carla Mock-Ketcham, Annette Cueto, Maricel Quiroz (Go BIG Network), Kate & Brian, Michelle & Eric, David M'ore, Joy Evangelista Family, Shelly and Danielle Hodges, and the Rosales Family.

We would also like to take this time to thank Gerry, our Photography Associate, for assisting us this year with GREAT imagery AND our new LOGO! We LOVE IT! A special heartfelt thanks also goes to Angelo Cervantes, my son, who is the World's Greatest Lighting Assistant! Juliana Alvarez-Thumas for also being a great assistant! We are so blessed, and you all are very special to us! And to my darling and loving and extremely helpful husband, Wayne, you are "mi piedra", and I love you por vida!

We look forward to a BRIGHT successful 2010! Enjoy the slide show (Scroll down to the bottom), from all of our shoots this year!

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