Friday, January 29, 2010

We are OFF to the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony!

I am excited, but I think the grand excitement and out pour of emotion will come when I am finally in the hotel, getting ready for the Nominees Reception Dinner at the LA Convention Center. Thank GOD it is Business Attire, I want to be comfortable, and although they will NOT allow us to bring our real deal cameras, I WILL have my Canon SD1100 in Pink in my bag!

My husband on the other hand, is so excited he can hardly stop! He has spent countless hours online and reading everything there is to know about this grand celebration! He has his suits and shoes ready and I am trying to get my gowns packed as well as my business attire, shoes, makeup, jewelry, etc. Maybe it will finally hit me? I am too busy to stop and think that hard.

I want to send a heartfelt thanks to John Santos, one, for believing in me and my talents, and of course for asking me to be a part of so many wonderful recording and performance projects! I began to work with John in 1999 and had no idea where this would take us. John in his 5th nomination with the Academy, and me in my 2nd alongside John's projects, am simply humbled, overjoyed and grateful in his friendship, talent, dedication and trust in my performances.

We are finishing up the last of everything, and whether we win or not, THIS will be one of the most significant milestone events of our lives!!! And thank you to all of you whom have supported me in my production, performance and recording efforts.

And the winner is...........................


  1. We are sending you all the good vibes..and we are very proud of having you as our are wonderful both of you are. we are crosing our fingers , eyes and toes...and like you said even if you dont win it is an honor to be nominated... we love you both...Azucar.!!!

  2. Im so happy to hear about your trip to L.A Barb you are a women of many talents....have a great time.


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